‘Public relations is art and science of achieving harmony by means of mutual understanding, based on the truth and complete information awareness’, – Sam Black, founder of contemporary PR.

In strategic planning, the PURE agency stay true to the above definitions and adheres to the following authoritative resources of so-called PR ethics:

| The IPRA code of conduct
| The European professional code of conduct in PR
| The Russian professional and ethical code of conduct 
| Code Charted Institute of Public Relations professional code of conduct (the UK)


Although the history of PR dates back over a century ago, in Russia this industry is still relatively new, and, subsequently, acquires dubious and sometimes chaotic forms. Having certain social grounds, PR seems to move along different directions simultaneously. Logics, management, marketing, psychology and other sciences are all the elements of the PR technology working together on altering the consciousness of the public and creating certain reputation.

Due to not-so-clear definition of PR, we would like you to see below the way we work in this particular field:

reklama-i-piar-3PURE Look WITHOUT BLACK PR MAKE-UP

PURE’s previous PR experience has proved to be a success. We combine the latest PR techniques with our professionalism, which enables us to stay true to the tree fundamental rules of conventional PR:


Years of experience and unblemished PURE’s reputation prove the fact that implementation of a successful and stable PR campaign greatly relies on the quality of the PR strategy. PURE completely rules out any forms of negative PR – we respect our clients, we cherish our partnership relations, and we value our good name. By working with us, you may rest assured that your reputation will be strongly protected from any ill use of PR.

For further information on directions of PR, please contact the PURE team.