The PURE agency has developed a package called ‘Showroom & Sales’. This comprehensive service particularly appeals to the beginning fashion designers in need of sales channels and media relations, as well as to the more matured fashion businesses in need of stronger presence in the market and wider regional coverage through franchising and multibrand companies.

The Showroom & Sales package includes:

  • Opportunity to use a professionally equipped showroom in the centre of Moscow to exhibit your fashion collection during the promotional and media relations campaign.
  • Sales management – organizing ordering campaigns, presenting collections to buyers, ordering campaign management and support, commercial consulting.
  • Formulation of marketing plan, web marketing, blogging, PR, media.
  • Arranging press days.
  • Arranging trunk shows.
  • Shooting sessions of lookbooks for subsequent use in ordering campaigns.


  • All-inclusive service;
  • Professional team and opportunity to outsource specialists of any kind;
  • Individual consultation with the PURE’s top management;
  • Direct contacts with buyers and the press;
  • Possibility to arrange both wholesale and single-order sales of collections;
  • A separate page in the showroom website for each of the brands;
  • Working on the basis of percentage from the actual sales;
  • Flexible agreement terms;
  • No costs on regular maintenance of the showroom – you can use the facility whenever you feel it necessary;
  • No regular costs on staff and ordering campaigns.


  • reception;
  • wardrobe;
  • 2 Dressing Rooms;
  • possibility of fitting rooms;
  • air Conditioning;
  • audio;
  • area for catering;
  • ability to print on the site of any printed products;
  • cleaning;
  • Wi-Fi Internet;
  • water and coffee machine;
  • area for negotiation and sales of companies, fitted designer glass table and 8 chairs.


  • Opportunity to create collection presentations in pdf-format in English/Russian languages;
  • Sending out presentations with attached invitation to the showroom among the buying contacts of the company;
  • Coordinating relations with the press, bloggers, opinion leaders;
  • Website/application development and maintenance devoted to the selling campaign of the collections presented in the showroom;
  • Arranging and carrying our press days;
  • Preliminary consulting with the top management on commercial development of a fashion brand, a fashion project, production, international promotion of a collection, and multi-channel development.



To book or rent a showroom, or for further information on Showroom & Sales services, please contact the PURE team.