PURE renders services in the promotion of brands and individuals in social media (Social Media Marketing). Our experts utilize a full range of popular social media resources, including Facebook, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tripadvisor and Wikipedia, with their accumulative audience of over a hundred million people.

  • FACEBOOK. It’s not only the number of subscribers what makes the Russian division of Facebook a valuable resource, but, more importantly, it’s the quality of the audience itself. Communicational strategies based on versatile FB tools are capable of reaching even the most exacting and proactive target audience.
  • INSTAGRAM. A recent trend towards a more visualised information in the Internet has made Instagram a very popular resource for the promotion of persons and fashion brands, as well as the reputation management. Rapid refresh rate, extraterritorial influence and universal format of communication between opinion leaders and global audience are among the main features of the resource.
  • VKONTAKTE. The audience of VKontakte has seen a marked qualitative change. Today it is the most popular social network in Russia, with the accumulate daily audience of over 70 million people (as of Jan 2015). Thanks to the age diversity of the VK’s subscribers and their distinctive interest segmentation, communications will be able to reach the target audience more efficiently.
  • ODNOKLASSNIKI. Most popular social network among those who are traditionally considered the least proactive in the Internet. In the first place, it is true for the audience of middle age and above, as well as the residents of towns and middle-size cities. Frequent visitors of this network tend to demonstrate strong loyalty to it and very low attendance of other Internet resources. This makes Odnoklassniki a useful tool to influence associated target audience.
  • TRIPADVISOR. The biggest traveller’s Internet portal in the world featuring a large share of tourism accommodations and services with over 170,000 million reviews of hotels, restaurants and other facilities. The resource is noted for its commercial orientation and direct effect of communication on the profit.
  • WIKIPEDIA. Universal multilingual public Internet encyclopaedia – the fifth most visited website in the world. The resource hosts information that is ‘officially’ confirmed and is perceived by visitors as being truly encyclopaedic.

The aims of Social Media Marketing are as follows:

  • Establishment of additional sales channels;
  • Indirect sales stimulation for products and services;
  • Direct sales stimulation for products and services (advertising);
  • Establishment of feedback with consumers or partners;
  • Informing the target audience of new products or corporate news;
  • Improving credibility of a brand, product or service;
  • Negating any ill attitudes towards a brand, product or service.

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